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This Is Tulsa will be covering unique businesses in Tulsa, OK. Bringing insights into what makes our vibrant city shine. Geared towards travelers and locals, connecting people to their surroundings and enhancing the awareness of their community.

Season 2
Coming soon!

“This Is Tulsa” is preparing for Season 2! We're excited to feature our local 918 small businesses.

Every city is BUILT ON THE SAME 6 PILLARS. Each pillar has experts and influencers striving to take each tribe to a whole new level. We simply connect Tulsans to what they are already looking for by promoting events, sharing resources and highlighting the people and places that make us TULSA!

Watch Episodes from Season 1

S1E3 - Topeca Coffee + Double Shot

Season One, Episode Three is here! In this episode we’ll be checking out two of Tulsa’s BEST coffee roasters, Topeca Coffee and DoubleShot Coffee Company! Learn how your coffee is picked, processed and delivered for an incredible taste that’s known throughout the coffee industry. Tulsa truly has some artisan roasters and we love it!

S1E2 - Guthrie Green + Duet Jazz Club

Season One, Episode Two is here! Enjoy some of Tulsa as we explore Guthrie Green which features amazing live music, for free! After that, we take a tour to one of the top listening rooms in the country, Duet Jazz.

S1E1 - Amelia's + Oklahoma Distilling Co.

Season One, Episode One is here! Enjoy some of Tulsa as we explore Amelia’s which features a wood-fired cuisine as well as craft cocktails that use local distilling companies! One of those, which we also explore, is Oklahoma Distilling Co. who makes excellent vodka and has a special process for crafting all their liquors.

Some of the Small Businesses that Were featured in our SHOW


- STARTING AT $237 -


- STARTING AT $1,925 -


- STARTING AT $5,000 -